New Protea
New Protea is a new development in the sought-after area of Protea Glen, extending the area to the west. This prime location offers big and spacious stands perfect for family living.

This up-and-coming development has a beautiful landscape view to ensure a modern and clean environment. Situated just outside of Soweto, next to the R559 Main Rd, New Protea offers modern homes to provide a new look to lifestyle living.
With new additions added to our new homes, we offer great comfort and a modern new look.

A new house will include the following:

  • A solar geyser
  • Oven and hob
  • Security gates
  • Burglar bars

See if you Qualify


    Total Buying price: Starting from R837 000
    Monthly Repayment: Starting from R8000 per month
    Min. Salary to qualify to buy from: R20000